Set up a recurring or one-time gift.

How and Why to Give

Thanks for your interest in supporting Westlight Community Church! Your generosity enables us to pursue our vision: Experience Heaven Together. 

Is Giving Biblical?

In the Old Testament, it was required that the people of God gave a tenth of their income regularly. However, in the New Testament, there is no reference to such a command because Jesus raised the bar. As Christians, we are required to give all of ourselves to Him. This means we are now free to be generous.

For this reason, the amount you give is entirely up to you. We encourage our congregants to commit to a percentage of their income and regularly give, whether that is weekly, monthly, or annually.

Why Should I Use Recurring Online Giving?

  • We are forgetful! One of our pastors admitted to not giving due to forgetting his checkbook at home. Online giving removes this problem.
  • Consistent giving. If you made a commitment to give a certain amount, setting up a recurring transaction will help you carry out your commitment.
  • Discipline. Consistent giving pushes us to be more dedicated to God in our finances rather than just giving whatever happens to be in our pockets.
  • Saves time. The online giving form is extremely easy to fill out. If you set up a recurring transaction, you only need to do so once and the system does the work for you the rest of the year.